Unit Souzou 2018 Goals

As we begin 2018, we are ready to triple down on our work and our three years as Unit Souzou. It feels like a great to time reflect on the foundation of what we intended to create our company, with particular attention back to the meaning of our name, souzou, which can be interpreted as creation, imagination, or noisy. These three meanings will serve as our timely themes for the coming year, as we thinking about continuing to evolve our artistry through the voice of our drums.

Creation. With our new professional ensemble in place, the establishment of the annual TaikoWorks showcase and the powerful unity of our community performers, Unit Souzou finds itself in a generative phase during year three. As contemporary taiko artists, Unit Souzou will continue to evolve its creative practices, especially building on responsive, community engaged, site specific creations.

Imagination. Michelle is off to the prestigious Caldera artist residency in February. We look forward to this exciting opportunity, which will open a new artistic chapter of work, breaking ground for evolving interpretations of our taiko art form. Michelle will ruminate on a new work in progress, “Constant State of Otherness.” This exploration will delve into how we can respond to these tumultuous, uncertain times using our drum to express and empower our voices.

Noisy. As Unit Souzou explores new work, we will embrace the chaotic nature of the creation process with a goal to find a place of resonance and clarity. At this unique moment in time, noisy is also the agitation for our stories and for our histories. Through powerful drums, strong voices, and proud bodies, our stories will ring out loudly, our stories will be heard.
Deep appreciation to each and every one of you as part of the Unit Souzou community. We look forward to celebrating and exploring souzou with you in the coming year.