Goodbye, Hello: A new artistic leap for Unit Souzou

As we emerge into our 3rd year of sharing relevant stories through drum and dance, we are excited to break new ground in our work. We ask you, our amazing supporters, for your help to activate our first-ever annual TaikoWorks show.

Beginning a new yearly tradition, TaikoWorks will be an opportunity to celebrate and showcase our most current ruminations of both finished and unfinished work. This 3rd year represents big transitions in the life of our company in which we leave behind the start up nature of our “youth” and bloom into a new phase of growth and beginnings. Please help us say goodbye to the past, and hello to a new era in Unit Souzou’s artistic journey. Your contribution towards our Goodbye, Hello campaign will truly bring to life the multiple meanings of souzou – “creation,” “imagination,” and “noisy” in new and exciting ways.

To contribute, please go to our Indiegogo campaign

It takes a village to make art!
We love to create new work, but we can’t do it without community support from amazing people, like you! Contributions to the Goodbye, Hello campaign will allow UNIT SOUZOU to fully embrace and realize a new artistic milestone. We hope you will join us on this journey.