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School Assemblies

Our assembly program brings the historical journey of taiko from Japan to the United States.  This 45-50 minute presentation intersperses background information with exciting taiko demonstrations and dynamic hands-on student participation.  Contact Young Audiences of Oregon and SW Washington to book a taiko performance for your school.


Korekara Taiko can provide several choices of residencies to engage your students in specially designed taiko programs by grade and focus.  In all residencies, each student will be actively engaged in taiko activities and learn important lessons with direct instruction from passionate and experienced taiko professional teachers/artists.  Within the taiko session students will actively participate in individual and ensemble taiko exercises.  Length of each class session will vary depending on the grade level.

​​By participation in engaging taiko experiences and activities, students will demonstrate an understanding of the following:
  • Strong Body Stances/form (kata)Kamaete2
  • Techniques of hitting the drum
  • Techniques of voice and the spirit (kiai)
  • Use of the drumroll as perseverance
  • Rhythm and beat as counting patterns
  • Learning songs through oral tradition (kuchi shouga)
  • Identification of different types of drums/instruments
  • How to create and play songs
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Ability to play in unison

Students will additionally learn context of the following:

    • Learn about history of taiko in Japan and North America
    • Practice taiko forms and techniques
    • Develop respect to self, ensemble (others) and drum

Education Inquiries:

Korekara Taiko is a proud partner of The Right Brain Initiative and Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington.