Taiko Class Policies


  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing for physical activity. No jeans, dresses, large accessories or rings please!
  • Please do not wear hats or hoodies during taiko class.
  • We encourage you to share any special concerns such as health ailments or bodily injuries with the taiko teacher prior to a class so that we may provide the most successful class for everyone.


  • The class studio or “dojo” is a place where we train, and is important to show respect. To those who practice, a “dojo” (“the place of the way”) is a sacred place. Always bow when entering or leaving the class or any taiko space to show respect for the traditions, cultural foundations and those who have come before us. It affirms the intention to train hard and seriously. Visitors and observers are also expected to follow the taiko etiquette.
  • Food and drink (except water) are not permitted in the taiko class at any time. Please do not wear shoes in the training area, however tabi or socks will be allowed.
  • Please do not use cell phones or any other electronic item during the taiko teaching time. These devices can be used within the lobby or sitting area of the class.
  • Videotaping and/or any other recording is not allowed during class. Following a taiko class (as time allows), the taiko teacher may allow a quick recording of the content taught. Please note that that methods and taiko songs which are being taught within our classes and performances are copyrighted (unless otherwise specified).
  • Please do not arrive to class earlier than 10 minutes before as another class may be in progress. Students are not permitted inside the class space until the Instructor is present and has welcomed the students in.
  • Observation of classes must be pre-approved by taiko teacher. Please contact mich@unitsouzou.com if you have a guest or you would like to observe a class.
  • Persons under the age of 12 years of age may not sit in the reception area unsupervised while the parent/guardian takes a class.
  • Instructors reserve the right to remove a student from the classroom who is distracting, unable to follow direction, or harmful to other students.


  • For the maximum benefit of all, students will not be granted admission 10 minutes after the start of a class. Late arrivals should enter the space quietly, and quickly join the class without creating disruption.


  • No refunds once enrolled. We do not exchange for taken or partially attended classes. If class attendance is canceled with 24 hour notice via email to mich@unitsouzou.com, the fee will be credited to your account for a future Korekara Taiko class (Beginning and Songs course fees not applicable).
  • Reservations for classes are ONLINE ONLY.
  • Walk-ins are welcome, space permitting. We strongly encourage all students to pre-register for our classes.
  • Korekara Taiko reserves the right to change or cancel the date of a class at any time due to low enrollment, inclement weather or other reasons. We will do our best to notify all students via website posting, online scheduler, and class verbal announcements promptly.


  • Our taiko classes do not require any previous experience, but are designed for students 12 years of age and older. The taiko practice of a child is different from the practice of an adult. Currently we do not offer classes for children, although our hope is to open up family and kids taiko classes in the future. Please email Michelle mich@unitsouzou.com if you have any questions. We do not allow students under the age of 16 in our regular classes without a parent or accompanying adult and will not be responsible for any person that age.

(not available at this time)

  • Unlimited monthly package are available to intermediate and advanced students only.
  • Sorry! Unlimited Monthly class packages are non-transferable (you can not share your package with someone else).