Taiko Class Advancement Process


BEGINNING, PREREQUISITE: Attend one Intro to Taiko workshop (For those with previous taiko experience, contact Michelle Fujii mich@unitsouzou.com)
Take the Beginning Taiko Course for a wonderful introduction to the art form of taiko. No previous taiko training necessary, but students must be 12 years of age and older, and capable of fairly rigorous physical activity.

BEGINNING II, PREREQUISITE: Attend one Beginning Taiko course (For those with previous taiko experience, contact Michelle Fujii mich@unitsouzou.com)
Upon completion of taking at least one Beginning Taiko Course, Beginning II students are welcome to take the Songs Class and Skills & Drills Class.

INTERMEDIATE, PREREQUISITE: Attend 2 consecutive Songs courses (For those with previous taiko experience, contact Michelle Fujii mich@unitsouzou.com)
Upon completing 2 consecutive Songs courses, Intermediate students may join the Performance Class to learn skill-appropriate taiko songs and have the ability to join the performance on the stage for selected community local shows.

After consistently attending at least 4-5 months of Korekara Taiko classes, interested and committed students can apply to the advanced level by filling out an application form to begin the process. Before submitting an application, reviewing the Korekara Taiko Advanced Student Benefits and Expectations is highly recommended! Scheduling an interview/audition taiko lesson with UNIT SOUZOU Co-Directors will be the next step.

Moving into the advanced level is determined at the discretion of UNIT SOUZOU Co-directors. Upon acceptance to become an advanced trainee, students will pay an initiation fee of $70.00 to receive a UNIT SOUZOU/Korekara Taiko performance guideline manual, UNIT SOUZOU t-shirt, and Asano Taiko performance bachi.

FAST TRACK for taiko players with previous performance experience
If you have previous taiko performance experience, you can be fast tracked into the intermediate and/or advanced levels. Please contact Michelle Fujii directly at mich@unitsouzou.com for more information.

Admission to the resident ensemble is by invitation only from UNIT SOUZOU Co-Directors. Ensemble members are ready to deepen their relationship with taiko by taking on intricate roles in the ensemble such as playing shime ji-uchi (base supporting beat), mentoring other students, holding down one’s part individually and embracing Unit Souzou’s theatrical artistry. Expectation is to maintain taiko skills by attending assigned Korekara Taiko classes and Unit Souzou rehearsals regularly in addition to performing locally in small ensemble shows.

Joining the professional ensemble is for those interested in learning and performing UNIT SOUZOU’s contemporary repertoire and in being and/or becoming a taiko professional. Compensation will be provided. Professional ensemble members must be available for daytime education programs, theatre projects (fluid, intermittent schedule), small ensemble local performances and touring. Unit Souzou holds auditions annually. For more information contact Michelle Fujii at mich@unitsouzou.com.