Special Livestream Performance of Otherness: Togetherness

A special message from Unit Souzou:

We are moving forward with our OTHERNESS: TOGETHERNESS show. However, in light of public health concerns, we are changing the format to a LIVESTREAM for one showing. You will be able to experience the performance from the safety of your respective homes, and we will not be allowing in-person admission to the performance space. More detailed information will be shared shortly. 

Given the theme of our show and its timeliness, we are committed to providing a creative space for us to gather, even virtually, to combat the fear and otherness that comes from isolation. We are currently witnessing fear-based xenophobia/racism in our community. We are hearing stories of how Asians in everyday spaces are getting accosted or yelled at for being Asian, and how Asian businesses are suffering. Our shows topic on otherness feels increasingly relevant and urgent. We are digging deeper to share and celebrate being Asian in America. 

If you purchased a ticket, a livestream performance may not have been what you anticipated. We are happy to refund the full ticket price, and will be sending out instructions very soon on how that can be processed. We would also appreciate the opportunity for your ticket to become a donation to support us in the unavoidable expenses that we are facing with all these last minute changes.

In addition to supporting our work, we hope that you can support people of Chinese and Asian descent who are facing stigma in their communities, and particularly small businesses. Here is a list of places recommended by APANO (https://www.apano.org/blog/2020/02/27/). We also recommend Master Kong, Toru’s favorite noodle place and Michelle’s #1 favorite restaurant, Swiss Hibiscus.

We will be in touch again very soon.
Please be healthy and take care,
Michelle Fujii, Unit Souzou Co-Director