Pushing Boundaries with site-specific performance, TaikoWorks 2017

On August 30, we will present a very special show honoring an important community space and pushing boundaries of the taiko art form with brand new work. TaikoWorks is Unit Souzou’s new annual showcase to share the company’s newest ideas. It’s an opportunity for the community to witness work in a “raw” phase of development as part of Unit Souzou’s creative process. This year’s show will include the Portland debut of our Professional Ensemble in several work-in-progress pieces, as well as a new composition, Entangled, composed by ensemble member David Wells, featuring our Community Group.

TaikoWorks will feature innovative new performance pieces, a culmination of artistic ruminations over the past year, taking inspiration from current events and emotions, as well as the location at Jade APANO Multicultural Space (JAMS). Spanning three rooms at JAMS, this work-in-progress explores notions of goodbye in three acts, 1) Parting, 2) Listening, and 3) What happens after goodbye. We will lead the audience on an experiential journey through these states, in unexpected ways, with opportunities for interactive engagement. As the JAMS prepares to be transformed from its current state into a brand new affordable housing and community space, we will bring a sacredness and ceremony to this parting from for the community, as well as the goodbyes we each encounter in our lives.