UNIT SOUZOU Co-Directors Michelle Fujii and Toru Watanabe have shared their taiko perspectives and teachings to numerous groups throughout the North American taiko community and beyond. Many of their workshops focus on the powerful use of body and form in taiko. From their dance training at Warabi-za, an arts company located in Northern Japan, they also can teach a variety of Japanese folk dances. Both Michelle and Toru have been workshop leaders at the North American Taiko Conference, Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational, World Taiko Gathering and NW Regional Taiko Gathering. They have worked with North American taiko groups such as Seattle Kokon Taiko, Ensohza (San Francisco), San Diego Taiko, Zenshin Daiko (Maui, Hawaii) and Kagemusha Taiko (Exeter, UK). Please contact Michelle if you are interested in organizing a workshop for your group.

UK Taiko Workshop

“Michelle and Toru reminded me of the expression, ‘Grace is the art of moving with purpose’. The weekend felt so rich in its  connections, between people and with the drum and the material.”


“The whole weekend was about taiko being so much more than hitting the drum.”


“It served as a great reminder of the importance of koshi and maintaining awareness of it.”